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What is Twek?

A cloud based  design app that uses a combination of designers and automation to seamlessly revise existing digital and physical designs. Twek is headquartered in San Diego, California. *Read our boring privacy policy.

Why upload a photo?

We use the uploaded photo (visual) to to help us further understand what you would like change in your design. We automate the design and use artificial intelligence to tweak your designs anywhere and anytime, on your own schedule.

What all can i twek?

The ultimate goal of twek is to be able to redesign or tweak just about anything you can imagine. Right now twek is in beta testing and is limited to select curated categories. *Check out what can twek.

Can i use Twek as an employee?

Yes, Twek is an expert specifically in the field of design, and our technology uses machine learning to constantly improve every day. Once enrolled in membership, Twek can be used as your company's design agency with no strings attached and discounted hourly rates.

How much does it cost to use Twek?

Twek can be billed by the hour or through a monthly Pro Plan one twek is considered to be anything that can be completed in under and hour. When you choose help from one of our designers, the small cost will be clear and upfront. All prices are transparent and communicated before any costs occur. *Learn about our pro plans.

Who are my twekers?

Outside of the proprietary artificial intelligence, powering Twek is a team of highly-trained and experienced human designers. Rest assured all of designers are U.S. based and not overseas, most being at our headquarters in San Diego, Ca. *See our design team.

Is Twek available via phone call?

No. Twek is only are available through messaging.

Is my information secure?

Yes.   We take security here very serious.  All information associated with your account is not  shared to or available for public use. We have a multi-tiered approach to security, including IP restrictions, screen monitoring software, and the encryption of secure information. *Read our boring security policy.

Does twek store my data?

We believe your data is the most important priority along with your security.  All data associated with your account is not  shared to or available our third party partners unless specified.  *Read our boring privacy policy.

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